Steven Shinder was born in Ventura, California on November 6, 1994. He spent much of his life in Chula Vista. In seventh grade, he started writing poetry and lyrics, now adding up to a few hundred such written works altogether (most of which have yet to be released). It was also during this time that he became set on becoming a novelist. At the end of high school, he wrote an essay about the importance of writing and subsequently became the first recipient of the Jo Ann Seiple, Rochelle Terry, J. Michael Straczynski Scholarship Fund. Over the next year, Steven wrote submissions for fiction contests, including The Dark Crystal Author Quest, NYC Midnight's Flash Fiction Challenge, and Tuscany Press' Prize for Catholic Fiction. Though he did not win, these helped him practice his craft.

As he attended UC Irvine, Steven took classes pertaining to the Creative Writing Emphasis. He took a couple of writing workshops for which he wrote short stories that he would later repurpose for longer works of fiction. Steven became a member of the Creative Writers Guild at UCI, eventually becoming vice president and then president. He was also Head of Ravenclaw for a year in a Harry Potter club called Dumbledore's Anteaters. During autumn semester of his senior year, Steven studied abroad at University of Sussex in Brighton, England. In an Art of Short Fiction class and in a Sussex University Short Fiction Society meeting, he wrote more short stories that he would later repurpose. Steven graduated from UCI in 2018, having double-majored in English and Literary Journalism.

Editing credits include Dystopian Vol. 1 by Cristian Munguia and Marksman Unlimited by Phil Maynard, both of which are available on Amazon. The fantasy horror comedy novel Lemons Loom Like Rain is the first installment of Standalones and Stepping Stones, Steven Shinder's series of novels that share a universe but can each be read on their own.