Steven Shinder

Lemons Loom Like Rain

“What happens when things get unbalanced?” Pamela asked.

“We have been fortunate enough to never find out.”

Pamela wanted to press further about this, but the woman turned away. Then another question popped into Pamela's head.

“Um, Unicoren?”

She halted and looked back at Pamela.


“I was wondering...” Pamela almost kept herself from asking the question, but it was too difficult to think of a new one. “I was wondering if it'd be all right for me to hang around in your side of the park every now and then.”

“In that costume?”

“If it's okay with you. I really enjoy playing around in it. It makes me feel more alive. Sorry. You probably think that's weird.”

It was difficult to tell, but Pamela could have sworn that she saw the slight curl of a smile.

“As a matter of fact, it does not sound weird at all. You really know how to animate Mandy. Even better than anyone else who has taken on the role.”

Pamela was pleasantly surprised by such flattery.

“Wow. Uh, thank you.”

“Feel free to stop by whenever you wish. Perhaps you will even feel at home.”

“YES!” Pamela said, fist bumping the sky.

She glimpsed Unicoren's face once more before the mysterious being turned around to walk away, and Pamela was certain that there was a smile. Pamela felt as though she had just made a new friend. One who was impressed with her performance as Mandy the Mantleope.

She felt confident and certain that many students also appreciated her performance even if they could not necessarily appreciate the person within. She wished that she could tell people, and she hoped that Peyton could keep her secret. It would certainly be a test of how strong their sisterhood could be, now that they might have a chance to reignite it after all these years. And if Peyton were to fail the test and tell other people, Pamela hoped that word would not reach the judge who had instructed her to keep her identity as Mandy a secret. The judge who had been impressed by her dancing and prancing around despite his intimidating 6'5” stature, long hair, ducktail beard, and shades.

The judge being Chancellor Mathias Moseley.


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