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Lemons Loom Like Rain Trivia

Chapters 22-27

Chapter 22: Filler

  1. This chapter is meant to feel like filler on purpose. Red Dragon by Thomas Harris does this awesome thing where a couple of chapters are spent telling the life story of the antagonist of that novel. I decided to try doing the same thing with someone who seemed like he'd have no bearing on the plot. But he ended up being a bit more essential to the plot than I had planned. I just thought it'd be funny to tell his life story for a nice little chunk of the book, starting with his birth and his parents' reaction.
  2. Back when Naomi was MacKenzie in an early version of the story, she was Proto-Frederick's love interest. So this kinda comes full circle, bringing back that name and giving her the surname Mallard. And, of course, a mallard is a type of duck.
  3. “I'd Feel the Void” is something I wrote during junior year of college, when I imagined what it would be like for good friends to go far away to pursue their goals.
  4. Looks like there's a switch to present tense in the sentence fragment “As he continues listening to the tank's music.” Er, let's chalk that up to Frederick still thinking of the tank's music in the present every now and then. That works, right? Eh, whatever.
  5. Frederick recognizes Unicoren's footsteps and then she tells him he's on the verge. I came up with this while reading Virgil's The Aeneid in a classics class during winter quarter 2018. In The Aeneid, it's written that one can recognize the footsteps of a goddess. A bit of a deep cut, I'm sure.
  6. By the end of the chapter, it should be apparent that I have way too much fun with alliteration.

Chapter 23: The Numbers

  1. Coming up with punny chapter titles was difficult, and I think it shows here. I went with a really obscure reference to The Number 23, which I have actually never seen. I wonder if anyone would've noticed had I just skipped over 23 and labeled this as chapter 24.
  2. During finals week at the end of college, I thought I saw smoke coming out of my laptop. It may have been dust, but still. It really freaked me out. Naturally, it seemed like another thing to add to the pile of August's supernatural experiences.
  3. Alice Cooper actually has a song called “Caffeine.” I saw him perform it in Las Vegas in November 2013, and he had a giant mug with the song title written on it. It was so ridiculously large and hilarious.
  4. It was originally Ella talking to August in the school library. But after she seemed somewhat redundant, I inserted Jade into this scene instead. The reference to the line “It's a bit shit” still remains.
  5. The colors of the numbers are actually how I imagined them as a kid.

Chapter 24: Roommates Ruminate

  1. After receiving feedback from beta readers, I realized that I needed Chelsea and Shelley's knowledge of the tunnels to be mentioned earlier. This was a nice opportunity to see them interact with each other so that readers would get to know them better.
  2. In the first complete draft, I don't think I made it clear that it was actually Mathias texting with Vic's phone. The rhyming is meant to help, and later confirmation was added in the finished product.
  3. There is an extra “even” in the sentence “Randy was not even aware that Vic even had a girlfriend.” Let's chalk that up to how surprised Randy is. Or something.
  4. I wanted Vic's death to have an effect on the story. His absence did make Randy feel let down on his birthday, but it also opened the door for Pamela moving in and learning a bit more about Randy.
  5. As a Star Wars fan, I saw an opportunity to reference the reek from Attack of the Clones, which was the movie that got me more interested in Star Wars as a kid.
  6. And here we see a change in Stagmantel's behavior. He and Unicoren are remembering what it's like to feel more emotion.

Chapter 25: Beach Cleanup

  1. I used Corona Del Mar for inspiration. I'm sure the rocks over there are safer.
  2. It was a bit of a challenge describing how the mirror was looking from the point of view of where Mathis' reflection would have been in the water.
  3. Mathis just cutting off heads can get repetitive after a while, so this was a chance to show what more he could do.
  4. Here, I found another chance to reference the series title: “so she had to hop from stepping stone to stepping stone, which was a bit of a challenge.” And indeed, writing each novel is a bit of a challenge. Heh.
  5. It's kind of interesting to note that, despite the prior murders, this incident at the smelly bird turd rock is what really pushes Candid to turn against Mathis.

Chapter 26: Counting on Counseling

  1. Counseling really can be helpful for anyone with anxieties. I just felt it was important to have a scene like this to acknowledge that it can be useful. I'm not sure how well it's conveyed through August's visit, but it was an attempt.

Chapter 27: What's Bottled Up

  1. I thought about giving this supermarket a name, but I just got tired of coming up with a new name for everything. I could have given it the name of a real place, but in the end, it just didn't feel relevant.
  2. Reginald seemed too wholesome here. So I made him a bit more flawed in other places, just so he's not perfect.
  3. Kayleigh's name used to be spelled “Kaylee,” but I liked the new spelling better.
  4. The first time around, I didn't include the dinner scene with Randy's family. I think including it improved the story a bit. I needed to show more of what his family is like.

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