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Lemons Loom Like Rain Trivia

Chapters 36-43

Chapter 36: Flying Pan

  1. In naming this chapter, I was thinking of the phrase “out of the frying pan into the fire,” which I associate heavily with a chapter of The Hobbit. Pretty fitting given all the fire that was in the previous chapter. I suppose that in this case it we'd be going from fire to pans.
  2. There are lots of other students at Tree Culler Hotel, but I needed to write them out so that the threat would be more dangerous. Plus, it would be too many characters to keep track of. Saturday plans seemed like a good excuse for most students to be out.
  3. I know it might seem out of character for these students to turn on someone like August so quickly, but it was just too funny not to include.
  4. I also thought it'd be funny to allude to what I think of as “offscreen episodes.” Just hearing about all these way that August helped people that readers were unaware of up until now. It's kind of the reverse of a scene from the Spongebob Squarepants episode “Band Geeks.”
  5. I ended up making “'Talk about a Toy Story situation'” a running gag, in the vein of gags I've seen on Archer and Arrested Development. In fact, I like to imagine Ron Howard narrating during the description of everyone laughing for a really long time. It might bring that “speech” scene from the latter to mind.
  6. The line “'To the tablecloths!'” is such a great line for concluding the chapter. It probably counts as an example of that Mundane Made Awesome trope. I was probably reminded of a lines regarding the library in Avatar: The Last Airbender and Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

Chapter 37: Double the Math

  1. This is an example of Mathias being out in daylight, just like Dracula in the Bram Stoker novel.
  2. For some reason, Darby Morineau intrigues me as a character. I might be interested in revisiting her in a later story.
  3. Remember the name Ibby Daga. There may be a bit more of him in a novel I'm working on. There are some seeds planted, and I'm a bit surprised that certain readers haven't picked up on them.

Chapter 38: Friending the Night

  1. It was really important for Jade to see August this vulnerable. It allows her to open up later.

Chapter 39: Stitches Be Rippin'

  1. Originally, Mathias was supposed to kill Stitch Tyke right after the death of Tim Yose. And Stitch Tyke's remains, not just his arm, would've been in the luggage case. I later decided that I needed a scene of Pamela struggling as Mandy killed someone, and it made sense to turn Stitch Tyke into one of the students who'd auditioned to be the school mascot. Since he's full of envy, the fight feels personal to him. And with the stuff going on with his arm, I added the earlier ironic line where he claims that he would've nailed the auditions with one arm tied behind his back.
  2. The arm-ripping sequence was inspired by a similar scene from the video game The Wolf Among Us, though this time it's not a wolf doing the ripping.

Chapter 40: OccuPied

  1. I chose Donnie as the given name when I walked past a toy of Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles once. Originally, this story about Donnie Teal was just going to be a random thing to add to the strangeness of this world. But I kept asking myself what happened to him. Well, you may find out in the next novel.
  2. August says, “The internet is a bit in this room.” I probably meant to write “a bit shit,” but he could also be too scared to say the whole sentence.
  3. I remember hearing about studies pertaining to people forgetting why they enter rooms once they go through doorways. I came up with the idea for a sequence like this and how the characters find a way around it, but it was within the context of a pirate story in a fantasy world. Maybe that will still happen when I eventually get to that story.

Chapter 41: Disaster Risks

  1. With the additional mention in chapter 24 of Chelsea and Shelley knowing about the tunnels, it does not seem to come out of nowhere anymore.

Chapter 42: The Answer

  1. The chapter title is a reference to the meaning of life being 42 in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  2. At the hotel, it is March 15, the Ides of March. Room 315 also doubles as a reference to a hotel room number in Twin Peaks.
  3. The ceiling with the protruding planks and the rings around the bulb are based on a room in an old building at an open house event I went to in Globe, Arizona back in March 2018.

Chapter 43: Pack Attack

  1. “The Landlord” is a poem that I wrote back in October 2012 for a club called Chula Vista High School Dead Poets Society. I guess that makes this the earliest thing written for the story.
  2. Even though Gertrude is full of anger over what happened with her brother, it was important to me that she still be worried about the safety of her friends.
  3. Gertrude's messy backpack comes back into play! I absolutely hate when glitter gets stuck on me. So I once imagined a fantasy world where a storm consisted of glitter that burned through skin. I'm not sure yet if that could still be in a future novel, but I repurposed the idea here.
  4. “'Sand alligator lips left glitter'” is a way of saying that time is greater than stone. In elementary, I was taught to imagine that the greater-than symbol looked like an alligator. So if the mouth is facing the left, then the sand is greater than glitter.
  5. Shed Cheese's name came first, and his fate as a Swiss cheese-looking corpse came later.
  6. Keeping track of the werewolves and their fates was tricky. It took me back to late 2013 when I did research on the Skeksis for The Dark Crystal Author Quest. This was a contest where the Jim Henson Company was looking for an author to write the now concluded four-novel series building toward The Gelfling Gathering. My submission was 10,000 words of what I imagined would be the first few chapters of what I titled Revelation of the Dark Crystal. Though I was not chosen, this was great experience.
  7. I thought it'd be funny to subvert the age-old idea of fond memories making someone snap out of whatever influence they're under.
  8. Randy says, “'That should've been me.'” But is he saying he should've been Grady, killing a werewolf and dying a hero? Or Mortimer, who turned into a werewolf and got killed for being a monster? I like having readers see multiple sides of stuff like this.

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