Steven Shinder

Lemons Loom Like Rain Trivia

Chapters 44-52

Chapter 44: Sheer Sharing

  1. I realize that I did not quite make it explicit here, but the monkey was sewn back together.
  2. Aster's past experiences talking through flowers are mentioned here. I do have more Aster-related details in mind, but for now, this brief allusion to Miunis Grund had to do.
  3. The readers already know the events that have happened up to this point, and they will learn the plan later in the moment. So it would have felt redundant explaining everything here. And it's actually funnier having these shorter sentences mentioning that things are being explained.

Chapter 45: Know Regrets

  1. The mention of both Frederick and Randy not receiving notifications is an indication that Randy has been removed from the group chat.

Chapter 46: Thesis Statement

  1. The bones are the remains of previous residents of room 315 who have gone through Cassie's situation.
  2. The word “orifice” was used a couple times in chapter 12. And the term “dark orifice” will be used again in the next novel. But I cannot reveal the context just yet...
  3. I later realized that with Mathias the father, Mathis the son, and Mathesis the ghost, I essentially had the opposite of the Holy Trinity in this book.
  4. Mathesis was not named in the draft that I sent to beta readers. I simply referred to him as “the ghost.” But then I thought of his final name, which sounded funny to me.

Chapter 47: Burning Bridges

  1. It's important to note that Pam asks “'Do you want to play with me?'” instead of “'Do you want to play with us?'” like she did originally. Aster certainly noticed...
  2. This passage in which Pam and Peyton reconcile is one that has brought me to tears upon multiple reads. Even though Randy is the “main main character,” I felt that Pam and Peyton's relationship was the heart of the story.
  3. There is a not-so-subtle Twin Peaks reference when Pamela has a vision of Randy's past.
  4. Stagmantel and Unicoren jumping off the bridge and then disappearing was partially inspired by an episode of Hannibal. For a while, I imagined a scene in which two characters jump off a bridge, and then the camera would pan over the edge to show cars passing by as if the bodies disappeared without explanation. It just seemed so funny to imagine for the end of a movie or something.

Chapter 48: Backup Pan

  1. The hot dog bit stemmed from an earlier idea I had to kill off Mathias Moseley simply by having him take a hot dog from one of the Nap Kin that turned out to have garlic. It sounded funny, but I went a different direction.

Chapter 49: A Bridge to Car

  1. During the revision stage, I realized that there was no moment where Randy realized that Vic had been killed. So I inserted it here.
  2. Fight scenes were hard to write. Part of it is figuring out what every character is doing at the moment. My beta readers told me that the fight scenes needed to be improved, and I think they got better.
  3. Shelley's ability to flip comes back into play here.
  4. There is no typo in Mathias' dying words, “'Vein Quish the vampire!'” I'm surprised that nobody has asked about this yet.

Chapter 50: Be Trayed

  1. I hope that I used enough of Anton beforehand for his death to feel like a huge loss here.

Chapter 51: Long Distance Bawl

  1. Despite what Pamela saw, I thought it would be authentic for her to not judge Randy in the present solely based on what he had done as a kid. The two had to become distant, but I wanted to let the readers know that she does not hate Randy. That just wouldn't feel like Pamela after all this.

Chapter 52: Mirror Mortal

  1. I thought the use of sentence fragments would look funny. They also convey just how paranoid Mathis has become.

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