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Lemons Loom Like Rain Trivia

Chapters 53-58

Chapter 53: Taking the Shot

  1. Part Five is very much the denouement act of the story. I knew that there had to be breathing room between the climactic events in the previous act and what was to come in the final chapter.
  2. Much of this chapter was inspired by a trip that I took to Guanajuato with my older brother Alex (@alexshinderphotography on Instagram) in August 2018. My brother really took advantage of the photogenic aspects of the city, and I could imagine Candid doing the same.
  3. The phrase “dark orifices” pops up again when Candid looks at the mummies. Again, in my head, these words are a call forward to an idea I have for the future.
  4. The mantis goggles are a little bit of the original idea for Mathis creeping in. I remember I used to wear similar goggles with clear lenses as a kid.
  5. And now it is revealed that Candid cannot pronounce “s” sounds. If you go through all her dialogue in the book, she actively avoids having to use that sound in the real world. When it comes to something like Randy's horrific dinner table fantasy, she has no trouble.
  6. The chapter originally ended with a mention of how, a few years down the line, Candid would visit the Museo Casa Diego Rivera, where she would see Mauricio Avayú's painting Los Doce Tribus. When I saw it during my trip, the animal imagery felt like it could connect to aspects of this novel. But I ultimately cut out the mention of the painting because I did not think that my description could do it justice.

Chapter 54: Spring Cleaning

  1. I really had to think about what the aftermath would be like at CPU. And I wanted it to work well with how isolated I wanted Randy to feel. Sure, the school could have been shut down. But that conflicted with the direction I wanted to go.

Chapter 55: Reception

  1. I know the visions explanation is very convenient, but I just really wanted the families of those affected to believe what happened.
  2. I added the scene of August and Randy talking to each other after getting the feedback from beta readers. Again, I wanted to strengthen the connection between these two friends.
  3. By this point, people would be willing to believe anything after everything that has transpired in the story. So I thought it'd be funny to toy with the readers a bit by having this joke about Jade being a sentient stone. (She definitely is not one.)

Chapter 56: Car Parkage

  1. The name Preston Ward stemmed from “pressed onward,” and Benjamin Fitz is meant to sound like “benefits.”
  2. Mathis thinking “But why aren't I enjoying this?” may not be grammatically correct, but he's paranoid and mentally talking to himself in an intense moment.

Chapter 57: Ghost Host

  1. I'm surprised that nobody has asked about the vision of the green reptilian scales. That's another seed for a future story.
  2. Artie Crescent's name is partially derived from Cres Moon, the original name for the antagonist who became Mathis Dillard.

Chapter 58: The Last Lemonade Stand

  1. On September 27, 2015, I saw how the moon looked, and I really wanted to incorporate it in this book. It was one of the first things I put down, and the date became the destination.
  2. There is a Grand Theft Auto reference in here that I think I fairly obvious to anyone who has died in the game.
  3. Mathis makes a reference to the Nile turning to blood in the Book of Exodus.
  4. On August 10, 2014, I wrote the following Facebook post, which I found a place for in this chapter:

    “Those who are full of themselves make fools of themselves.”
  5. The reason for the sprinklers instead of actual rain? Again, I thought it'd be funny. And Mathis choking on sprinkler water is an absurd and unique death.
  6. Before I got feedback from the beta readers, the ending was more abrupt. Randy's paragraphs of reflection and the sentence “'I miss her'” were there, but he was lying on the grass and hearing the sirens of the ambulance. I later extended the chapter to make a proper ending. It felt right for August and Pamela talking to Randy in the last scene. Out of Randy's friends, they got the most focus. They are like a trinity, so to speak.
  7. The first sentence in the novel, “Rises him,” is actually an anagram of the last line, “'I miss her.'” Funny enough, the novel is bookended by opposite gender pronouns. And whom does Randy miss? Well, there are various possibilities... And I'd like to keep it that way. Heck, I'm not even sure who it is. For me, it's fun to leave it ambiguous and have people speculate.

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