Lemons Loom Like Rain

A college campus. A vampire. A pack of werewolves.

College can be stressful. Especially when a vampire and a pack of werewolves lurk on campus. At Copper Petal University, the stakes are as high as the cost of attendance. To reduce his debts, Randy Morales takes out a loan from a possible serial killer. Meanwhile, Pamela Sheer has become the school mascot, allowing her to spend plenty of time with ancient beings from a broken world. And across the Atlantic, a missing resident and murders in a mirror prove that students housed at Tree Culler Hotel have something to fear!

Lemons Loom Like Rain Book Cover

Trespassing Through The Visages

A ravaged planet. Killer siblings. And a re-emerged hero.

Long ago, every planet was part of a larger planet called Miunis Grund, before the Kin Conflicts broke the world apart in more ways than one. Now, the machinations of those responsible have caught up to people on Earth. A bath bomb turns one's skin into its own separate entity vying for control. Two murderous brothers who have been on the run break into a family's home and try to avoid being captured. And a man who disappeared as a child tries to set things right as he remembers his sister. Threats loom above in this perilous journey through space and time.

Trespassing Through The Visages Book Cover

About The Author

Steven Shinder was born in Ventura, California on November 6, 1994. He spent much of his life in Chula Vista. While he enjoyed reading a lot and writing a bit in elementary school, he was truly set on his passion for writing as he wrote many poems and lyrics starting in seventh grade, when he also decided he wanted to become a novelist. At the end of high school, he became the first recipient of the Jo Ann Seiple, Rochelle Terry, J. Michael Straczynski Scholarship Fund. Steven’s later submissions to contests such as The Dark Crystal Author Quest, NYC Midnight's Flash Fiction Challenge, and more helped him practice his craft.

As he attended UC Irvine, Steven took classes pertaining to the Creative Writing Emphasis. He took a couple of writing workshops for which he wrote short stories that he would later repurpose for longer works of fiction. Steven got involved in many extracurricular clubs, even becoming vice president and later vice president of the Creative Writers Guild at UCI. During autumn semester of his senior year, Steven studied abroad at University of Sussex in Brighton, England. In an Art of Short Fiction class and in a Sussex University Short Fiction Society meeting, he wrote more short stories that he would later repurpose. Steven graduated from UCI in 2018, having double-majored in English and Literary Journalism.

Editing credits include Cristian Munguia’s Dystopian Vol. 1 and Phil Maynard’s Marksman Unlimited and Marksman Unchained. Steven Shinder has been writing his own series of novels that share a universe but can each be read on their own. This fantasy horror comedy (with a touch of sci-fi) series, Standalones and Stepping Stones, currently has two installments: Lemons Loom Like Rain and Trespassing Through the Visages. Both are available on Amazon.

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